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Latest News

Physical exercise prevents dementia

News 3 days ago

Numerous studies have shown that physical exercise seems beneficial in the prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia in old age. Now researchers at Goethe University Frankfurt have explored in one of the first studies worldwide how exercise affects brain metabolism. The […]

People with dementia benefit from goal-oriented therapy

News 1 week ago

A large-scale trial led by Dr Ola Kudlicka of the the University of Exeter, presented at the international Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC) 2017 on Tuesday July 18, has found that cognitive rehabilitation leads to people seeing satisfying progress in […]

Predictive model may help predict migraine attacks

News 2 weeks ago

A new model based on measuring stress from daily hassles may help forecast future migraine headache attacks in those who develop them frequently. The findings, which are published in a Headache study, suggest that it may be possible to predict […]

Breastfeeding may reduce risk of MS

News 2 weeks ago

Mothers who breastfeed for a total of at least 15 months over one or more pregnancies may be less likely to develop multiple sclerosis (MS) compared with those who don’t breastfeed at all or do so for up to four […]

Hersenen van Parkinsonpatiënt werken minder efficiënt

News 1 month ago

Twee dingen tegelijk doen, is moeilijk voor mensen met de Ziekte van Parkinson. Dit kan komen doordat de hersenen bij Parkinson in zulke situaties minder efficiënt werken, aldus neuroloog Rick Helmich et al., van het Radboudumc. Zij publiceerden de resultaten […]